MD’s Message


Mr. Hamed Al Tamami

As you will go through the website you will have greater information and knowledge of our services and products but I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some information that might be of interest to you which you will find only in this message. One and foremost, Future Match Human Resources Consultancy was and still operates with one important ethos: It sounds simple and we want to keep it that way but for sure we are committed to every letter on it : “ we are looking for a long lasting relationship with practical value to the Needs of our Clients”. We do not want to be seen as a tool vendor or out of the shelf canned solution provider and definitely not to be judged as inconsistent with everything we promise or deliver.

Furthermore, we realized that our Clients or Potential Clients alike are well sophisticated and will not accept anything that does not meet their needs. We understood that and therefore, we worked hard to meet such expectation by applying three core strategies:

  1. How tempted it is, we aim at addressing Client’s needs not wants.
  2. We provide them with complementing, flexible & affordable solutions.
  3. We assist them with on-going support and development.

Hence in building such relationships, I personally make sure that every word we share or actions we promised are based on trust, honor and sincere advise. Sound old days but that is me and hope we can prove it to you soon, because we simply care and You and other Clients deserve nothing less than that.

I thank you again and let’s hear from you.