Leadership Performance Index

Leadership Performance Index® (LPIndex®)

The Leadership Performance Index® survey is one of the most international multi-source/360 degrees surveys in the market. It comes in a version based uniquely on the Leadership Pipeline principles and questions strictly related to only the leader’s critical success parameters at their particular leadership level. All questions are behavioral oriented and relate to behavior that can be observed.

The survey can serve multiple purposes:

  • In connection with individual development initiatives and coaching assignments.
  • Conduct leadership assessments in connection with talent selection and promotions.
  • Annual organizational leadership performance surveys where the organization wants to assess all leaders within the organization and conduct various analyses on the results.


  • Supports leaders in better understanding to what extent they have successfully transitioned into their leadership role.
  • Contributes to more evidence-based coaching conversations in connection with individual development initiatives.
  • Enables the organization to measure leadership performance across the organization