Predictive Index ® System

Predictive Index ® System

The Predictive Index® (PI®) system is the cornerstone of our Behaviour Suite which is based on our proven methodology of integrating data, technology, knowledge and expertise. Leverage this suite to gain breakthrough results by analyzing, aligning, and optimizing your individuals, teams and leaders.


accessPI is a complimentary, powerful, and easy-to-use software solution that provides all Predictive Index clients with secure online access to their valuable PI assessment data. The data resides on highly secure central servers, from which you define who within your organization has access, as well as what they can see and do within the program.

In addition to intuitive online help features, PI Worldwide provides two weekly live webinars in English for any client wishing to leverage this powerful technology solution to its fullest.

  • Global access:  Clients securely administer PI and PRO assessments electronically anywhere in the world. By eliminating geography from the recruitment equation, and leveraging the 65 languages into which the PI has been translated, you can consider more candidates and easily share observations, ideas, and strategies with their teams.
  • Client defined and client controlled:  accessPI’s robust administrative features allow you to create easily your own folder structures, access rights, password formats, and much more. Powerful functionality enables you to search, view, organize, share, and analyze all of your assessment data with other authorized users.


accessPI-Connect (“Connect”) is an optional online enhancement to accessPI that seamlessly integrates the Predictive Index assessment into your own web-based recruiting or HR initiatives. We’ve integrated Connect into approximately 20 web-based solutions, including Oracle/Taleo Business and Enterprise Editions, for which we are an Oracle Validated Integration Partner.

With Connect, the delivery of the PI is automated, and applicants complete all online requirements consistently and in one comprehensive and time-efficient experience. All PI data generated is stored and accessible in accessPI. Connect is available in two editions to meet the varying needs of our clients:

  • Survey Edition:  Survey Edition administers the PI assessment directly through your website, ATS, or HRIS. You access your data directly through your standard accessPI accounts.
  • Enterprise Edition:  For clients seeking additional convenience, functionality, and a single sign-on solution, Enterprise Edition provides all the benefits of Survey Edition while allowing convenient access to Connect-generated PI data directly from the ATS or HRIS. You can leverage additional functionality such as emailing, downloading, viewing, and printing PI assessment data directly from your web-based applications, without having to log into accessPI.

Predictive Index Management Workshop™

The Predictive Index Management Workshop blends instructor-led classroom learning with online resources that put predictive data and insights to work for your organization right away. Many participants have shared that this learning experience is the most trans-formative and useful management training they’ve ever had. Read more about the impact of the PI Management Workshop in our client testimonials.

The Predictive Index Management Workshop opens the door to a powerful perspective and method for achieving both immediate- and long-term business results. Experienced PI consultants teach you how to harness the power of the PI assessment, interpret data, deliver feedback, and use these insights to work with individuals and teams at your own organizations.

By the end of this in-depth workshop, you are certified as a “Predictive Index Analyst” and leave the course understanding yourself, your teams, and your organization in entirely new ways. You learn to leverage PI data for job modelling, selection and hiring, leadership development, succession planning and many more applications.

Learn more about the Predictive Index Management Workshop and who benefits from certification as a Predictive Index Analyst.

Who Benefits from Workforce Analytics?

  • Business owners and executives concerned with corporate performance
  • HR and hiring managers measured on the quality of talent they attract
  • Project managers and team leaders responsible for assembling and managing high-performing 

PI Worldwide Fast Facts

  • 8,000 Clients in 142 countries
  • 45 Member Firms and 400 experienced consultants worldwide
  • Assessments in 70 languages, including Braille
  • Client renewal rate of more than 90%

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