How we differ?

We differ from:

  • Scientific rigor:  Proven, Science-based solutions in our four focus areas: Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Change Management and Growth Strategy.
  • Experience:  Founded in 1955, PI Worldwide was an early entrant in the workforce analytics field. Since then, we’ve grown to 8,000 clients served by 45 Member Firms around the world, and we securely administer and analyze more than 2 million assessments every year.

    Complementing PI, PLI has since its launch in 2010 has around 2,000 users globally, approximately 200,000 assessments are conducted each year and growing rapidly and is active in more than 50 countries.

    LTP has since its launch in 2007, over 10,000 leaders representing more than 50 different nationalities have completed and been certified in one of the unique Leadership Transition Programs®: Leading Others, Leading Leaders, and Functional Leader

  • Methodology:  A proven approach that integrates data, knowledge, expertise, and technology, creating subject matter experts within your organization, delivering insights and tools that you can actually use to make a difference.
  • Applicability:  All our solutions add value regardless of industry or company size, and our behaviour solution can be used in both selection and development.
  • Practicality:  All assessments are easy to complete and the systems are user-friendly. Results are presented in a visual format (though written reports are available, as well), enabling you to interpret results immediately.
  • Simplicity:  In our Predictive Index System Solution and PLI System, pricing is based on a simple annual subscription, making it extremely flexible and highly cost-effective. You enjoy unlimited use of the assessment, regardless of the number of candidates or employees, without the complexity of cost-per-click models.
  • Expertise:  To ensure the highest levels of success, we continually guide you as you develop into full subject matter experts. We help advance your company’s analytical capabilities, and are available to apply your behaviour and skill data sets to actionable insights to help you make better decisions faster.