Change Management

Build Trust and Manage Transitions:

  • Culture Shift
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Communication and Retention

Change is about people and their behaviour. Change Management is about understanding both. Organizations that understand how to communicate and implement change in step with the behavioural needs of their employees are poised for success. In order to do that, organizations around the world are turning to behavioural science and assessments to uncover those employee insights to anticipate and react to employee behaviours. PI Worldwide’s methodology is especially effective for you during times of organizational transition, such as culture shift, mergers and acquisitions, or when there is new leadership.

With the Predictive Index system from our Behaviour Suite, you can quickly and accurately gain key insights into an individual’s behavioural needs. We also help you build better skills for these situations with the Influencing Skills system from our Skill Suite. This foundation empowers you to:

  • Objectively evaluate an employee’s readiness for change.
  • Anticipate how individuals and teams will respond to the change.
  • Identify the most appropriate ways to engage employees and teams in the change process.
  • Communicate the purpose and benefits of the change in a way that resonates with all stakeholders.