Talent Aquisition


  • Job definition creation
  • Selection and hiring
  • Job fit/gap analysis 
  • On boarding

There are significant financial consequences of making a poor hire, including recruiting costs, lost productivity, poor performance, and low morale. No organization can afford to make a bad hire or lose that hire before their potential is realized. Talent Acquisition is the critical process of finding, assessing and acquiring talent to meet the company’s goals. It also includes the essential on-boarding process once the hire is made.


The Predictive Index® system takes the guesswork out of the selection process by defining the behavioural requirements of the job and identifying the natural behavioural drives of the candidate. This allows for a fit/gap analysis between the job profile and the personality profile of the candidate. It also gives key insights into the candidate’s training and coaching needs to support the on-boarding process.

The PI Learning Indicator (PILI), however, offers you an additional dimension in the process of selecting applicants for the interviews. PILI is the perfect tool to use prior to employing new people as it indicates the probability of success for the new employee on the team.

PI® when paired with PILI will give you 40%-60% prediction of the individual’s success on the job.