HR Consultancy Services

HR Consultancy Services

To help you bring out the best to your people, FMHRC designs platforms so that your employees will have an environment that will allow them to do what they are best able to do in the best way they can, and to help excellence become natural. These are:

  • Organizational & People Value Suite
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Surveys and Bench-marking
  • Human Resources Functional Support

Our Line-Up of Innovative programs are designed to:

  • Increase your company’s flexibility
  • Maintain quality and production levels
  • Reduce your cost
  • Help you plan more effectively
  • Provides you with efficient Interview, selection, and hiring method
  • Reduce time and costs in searching and screening of applicants
  • Computerized skill assessment, using advanced testing methods
  • Pre-screen applicants to fit your specific needs
  • Eliminate costly advertising services

Our methodology is based on the combination of Data, Technology, Knowledge and Expertise providing you with highly effective HR Programs and Services to increase and expand the power of performance excellence in your organization. All our solutions are built upon this methodology to achieve tangible improvements in business metrics such us productivity, retention and revenue which drives real competitive advantage.