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PI Behavioral Assessment

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The Predictive Index® Behavioral Assessment will allow you to better understand the motivations and drives of each employee and potential candidate. This will enable you to identify, develop and retain the best talent to grow in your organization. This tool will bring insight about an individual’s work style, natural strengths and caution areas, communication, delegation, decision-making style, motivation needs, etc. in just 6 minutes!

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#1 Talent Assessment Software Tool in G2

What does it Measure ?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is a tool used by organizations to measure an individual’s behavioral drives and patterns in the workplace. It assesses four primary behavioral drives: dominance, extroversion, patience, and formality. Additionally, it analyzes decision-making style, response to rules and procedures, need for autonomy, and sociability. The PI Behavioral Assessment provides valuable insights for hiring, team building, leadership development, and performance management, helping organizations make informed decisions and create more effective work environments.

Data Driven Solution for Your Talent Optimization Needs

In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations recognize the crucial role of talent optimization in achieving success. Hiring and retaining the right talent, building strong teams, and developing effective leaders are paramount. To address these challenges, data-driven solutions have become indispensable.
Unlocking the Power of Data: By leveraging advanced analytics and psychometric assessments, we provide valuable insights into human behavior, work styles, and compatibility with specific roles. These insights are derived from vast data sets collected over years of research and application, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the assessment results.

Predictive Hiring: Finding the right talent is a critical aspect of talent optimization. We offer data-driven solutions to enhance your hiring process. By administering the PI Behavioral Assessment to candidates, you gain objective and scientifically validated data to predict their job performance, cultural fit, and potential for success. This enables you to make informed hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and build high-performing teams.
Team Building and Collaboration: Effective teamwork is vital for achieving organizational goals. We help organization leverage data-driven insights to build cohesive and high-performing teams. By analyzing individual behavioral patterns, you can identify strengths, communication styles, and potential areas of conflict within a team. This enables you to create well-rounded teams with complementary skills, optimize collaboration, and foster a positive work environment.
Leadership Development: Developing strong leaders is crucial for driving organizational growth and success. We offer data-driven solutions for leadership development. By assessing the behavioral drives and patterns of individuals, you can identify leadership potential and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach enables organizations to tailor leadership development programs, provide targeted coaching, and empower leaders to enhance their effectiveness.
Performance Management: Maximizing individual and team performance is a continuous endeavor. By aligning individuals’ natural behavioral tendencies with job requirements, you can identify areas for development and areas where individuals are likely to excel. This data-driven approach enables organizations to provide targeted feedback, set meaningful goals, and enhance overall performance and productivity.
Succession Planning: Building a pipeline of future leaders is critical for long-term organizational success. By identifying individuals with high leadership potential, we enable organizations to proactively develop and groom successors for key roles. This data-driven approach ensures a smooth transition of leadership, mitigates talent gaps, and fosters continuity in the face of changing business needs.

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