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The PI Employee Experience Survey

Drive Productivity and Cultivate a Positive Work Culture

Stop the guesswork. Understand exactly what’s driving disengagement—so you can fix it!

Employee engagement is a crucial factor in organizational success. Highly engaged employees bring passion, dedication, and their best selves to work each day. On the other hand, disengaged employees can significantly hinder organizational success, as they exhibit reduced motivation, lower productivity and a lack of commitment to their roles and company objectives.
To measure and improve employee engagement, the PI Employee Experience Survey is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights into the employee experience. By administering this survey, organizations can identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, and take targeted actions to enhance their culture and boost engagement levels.

Uncover the root causes of disengagement and empower your organization to take immediate action.

Collect candid, confidential employee feedback: The foundation of the Survey is psychological safety. Employees can provide honest and confidential feedback, ensuring anonymity and creating an environment where genuine opinions can be shared. By protecting employee anonymity, the survey enables organizations to receive valuable insights and suggestions from team members on how to enhance the workplace.

Measure engagement levels:
The Survey goes beyond assessing overall engagement levels. It examines four key drivers of engagement: job, manager, team, and organization. This comprehensive approach helps organizations pinpoint areas where employees may be disengaged. With a detailed breakdown of the results, leaders can identify specific areas that require attention and improvement.

Share results and discuss takeaways: The survey provides an opportunity to view engagement results at both micro and macro levels. Organizations can assess their overall engagement levels and identify trends across teams. Additionally, leaders can drill down into individual team results to uncover isolated areas of disengagement. This information facilitates meaningful discussions within teams or the organization as a whole, fostering a collaborative approach to addressing employee engagement.

Take action to improve the employee experience:
After analyzing the survey results, organizations can generate custom reports that highlight their strengths as a team while identifying caution areas.

Armed with this information, leaders can align on actionable steps to improve engagement and cultivate a positive work culture. By implementing targeted strategies, organizations can mobilize, motivate, and retain their people effectively.
Disengagement is challenging to identify and resolve. With our PI Diagnose Solution, you can gain valuable insights into the reasons behind low morale, ranging from communication gaps to cultural issues. We can provide you with immediate next steps to mobilize, motivate, and retain your valuable employees.

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