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PI Diagnose

Identifying Cause of Employee Disengagement

Identify the root cause of low employee engagement and implement proactive measures to resolve it.

Four Factors Of Disengagement

1. Job Mismatch

2. Misalignment with Manager

3. Poor Team dynamics

4. Organizational Cultural fit

The PI Diagnose Solution

Employee Experience Coaching

Benefit from the guidance of a certified PI Partner who will assist you in conducting the PI Employee Experience Survey, communicating the findings, and implementing practical measures for achieving success together.

Measure Employee Perception: The PI Employee Experience Survey

Discover the underlying reasons for employee disengagement, identify areas of strength, and determine actionable steps to address or sustain employee engagement.

Take Action On Engagement Workshop

Equip people managers with the necessary assurance to have open discussions about the findings of the PI Employee Experience Survey with their teams and effectively implement necessary measures.

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