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Our innovative HR solutions empower your business to thrive in the future. We provide tailored services to help you attract, retain and develop top talent, streamline processes and boost productivity.

Future Match HRC

HR solutions designed to help
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Our HR solutions are tailored to help businesses navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world by utilizing cutting-edge technology, expert consultancy, and personalized strategies to drive success.

About Us

Future Match HRC

Future Match Human Resources Consultancy is a professional services firm that specializes in providing businesses with top-notch human resources and talent assessment solutions. With over two decades of experience in the Middle East Market, we offer a range of services that help organizations attract, develop, and retain the best talent through a combination of scientifically driven system, insights, education and coaching. Our mission is to enable businesses to create a work environment that promotes productivity, engagement, and growth. We believe that people are the backbone of any organization, and our services are designed to help businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce.

We Provide Services

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessment measures an individual’s aptitude, personality traits, and cognitive abilities to provide insights for recruitment, development, and career guidance.

Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation process that measures an individual’s abilities, knowledge, and expertise in a particular field or set of competencies.

Engagement Survey

Engagement surveys help organizations evaluate employee satisfaction and motivation, enabling them to enhance engagement and achieve organizational success.

Custom 360 Feedback Survey

A custom 360 feedback survey is a comprehensive assessment tool that gathers anonymous feedback from multiple sources to provide a well-rounded evaluation of an individual’s performance and skills.

Leadership Development

Leadership development refers to the process of enhancing and cultivating the skills, qualities, and abilities necessary for individuals to effectively lead and inspire others in various professional or organizational settings.

Specialist Development

Specialist development refers to the process of enhancing and expanding one’s expertise and skills in a specific field through targeted training, education, and professional growth opportunities.

We cope with the challenges.

Finding the right fit

Recruitment is more than just hiring; it involves identifying, selecting, motivating, and retaining individuals who can contribute to a business’s growth. Advanced tools like Skills and Psychometric Assessments help organizations find the right talent efficiently and objectively in today’s competitive landscape.

Building a productive team

Constructing an effective team is a multifaceted process that involves selecting compatible members, addressing communication barriers, and bridging skill gaps. Managers and leaders must navigate these challenges to foster a cohesive and high-achieving team.

Performance management

In today’s digital age, managing employee performance is a complex task that organizations face. To tackle this, the PI Inspire Solution offers an innovative approach to evaluate and enhance employee performance, considering their individual strengths, motivations, and work preferences. This tool helps companies optimize performance management and achieve higher levels of employee productivity and retention.

Retaining high performers

Retaining high-performing employees is crucial for long-term organizational success. However, it is challenging due to the competitive business environment and the attractiveness of opportunities offered by rival companies. To address this, organizations are using tools like the Predictive Index (PI) to optimize employee retention strategies.

Employee Engagement

Disengagement is not just a sign of an uninterested employee; it indicates potential productivity losses, increased turnover, and decreased organizational performance. To maintain a motivated workforce, addressing disengagement is essential. The Predictive Index Diagnose Solution is an effective tool for identifying and tackling the underlying causes of low engagement.

Our Global Partner

Predictive Index

Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment tool used to measure workplace personality traits.

Leadership Pipeline Institute

The Leadership Pipeline Institute specializes in developing and nurturing effective leaders at all levels.

Ejadah Management Consultancy

Ejadah Management Consultancy is a leading consulting firm offering expert solutions for businesses.

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