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Customer Focus Selling

The “Customer-Focused Selling” workshop by Predictive Index is a targeted and practical learning experience designed to enhance selling skills and customer-centric approaches. This workshop equips participants with the knowledge and tools to effectively engage customers, understand their needs, and deliver value-added solutions. By leveraging the Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT), participants gain insights into their individual selling strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to tailor their sales approach for maximum impact.

Duration of the Workshop: 1 or 2 Days

The ” Customer Focus Selling “workshop is conducted over the course of 1 or 2 days, allowing for comprehensive coverage of the content and interactive exercises that facilitate skill development and practical application in real-world selling scenarios.

SSAT (Selling Skills Assessment Tool)

The SSAT (Selling Skills Assessment Tool) is a valuable tool for enhancing sales production and improving customer interaction skills across your entire team. By providing an objective evaluation of individuals’ strengths, skills, and areas that need improvement, it generates actionable data that can drive effective development strategies.

What You Will Learn Participants will learn how to


Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and understand their perspective. Gain insights into their needs, challenges, and motivations. Develop the ability to effectively demonstrate the value and benefits of your product or service, aligning them with the prospect’s specific needs.


Quickly recognize and adapt to the characteristics and needs of individuals with different buying styles. Understand their preferred communication approaches, decision-making processes, and motivations. This enables you to tailor your selling approach to effectively engage and influence diverse customers.


Develop active listening skills to fully understand the prospect’s requirements and concerns. Cultivate empathy to build rapport and establish a strong connection. Enhance your communication skills to guide conversations, ask relevant questions, and address objections effectively. This enables you to engage prospects in meaningful dialogues and build trust throughout the sales process.Top of Form

Who Leads the Session

The “Customer Focus selling” workshop is led by experienced facilitators who possess in-depth knowledge of sales performance management and coaching. These facilitators are certified experts in The Predictive Index methodology and are skilled at guiding participants through interactive learning experiences.

Who Should Attend

The “Customer Focus Selling” workshop is beneficial for a wide range of sales professionals at any level within an organization. Account executives, sales representatives, business developers, and client success managers can all benefit from attending the workshop.

Workshop Format

The workshop combines a variety of learning methods to create an engaging and impactful experience. It includes a mix of presentations, group discussions, case studies, interactive exercises, and role-playing activities. This format encourages active participation and fosters an environment of collaboration and shared learning.

Impact of the Workshop

The “Customer Focus Selling” workshop has a significant impact on sales performance and the overall effectiveness of your salesforce. Here’s an elaboration on the impact of the workshop:


Improved sales performance: The workshop enhances sales team performance through benchmarking and continuous development, providing insights into best practices, industry standards, and effective sales strategies.


Strategic selling approach: The workshop introduces a strategic approach to selling, leveraging the unique talents and strengths of your sales team to deliver tailored and impactful sales experiences aligned with customer needs.


Increased sales conversion rates: The workshop focuses on clear articulation of value, understanding the client’s viewpoint, and effective communication of unique value propositions. This results in higher sales conversion rates and better ability to meet client needs.

There are two ways to attend the workshop

Open Workshop:  This option allows participants from various client organizations across the country or globally to attend. It provides an opportunity to engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, fostering rich discussions and sharing of best practices.
Private Workshop: This option offers an exclusive workshop experience specifically tailored for your organization. With a minimum requirement of 5 participants, the workshop can be customized to address the unique talent management needs and challenges of your organization. This format allows for a more focused and targeted learning experience, incorporating real-life scenarios and examples relevant to your specific business context.

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