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Welcome to The Leadership Pipeline Transition Program for Leaders of Leaders. This program is specifically designed for those who have already excelled as leaders and are now ready to take on the challenge of leading other leaders. Based on the principles outlined in the influential book, “The Leadership Pipeline,” this intensive program provides leader of leaders with invaluable insights, tools, and practical training to successfully step up into the role of a manager of managers. Our program begins by clarifying the distinct responsibilities and performance expectations that come with leading leaders. We believe that a leader’s success in this role is not only dependent on their skills and knowledge but also on developing the right work values and effectively managing their time. Through a combination of interactive sessions and hands-on exercises, we equip leaders with the necessary skills and mindset to excel in their new position.

Empowering Leader of Leaders: Who Should Attend?

The Leader of Leaders development Program is designed for leaders who have at least two or three leaders reporting to them, overseeing a team of fifteen to one hundred individuals. It is relevant for leaders in various work environments, both white-collar and blue-collar. The program caters to newly appointed leaders of leaders as well as those with five or ten years of experience in the role, delivering impactful changes in knowledge, attitude, and behavior.  
While the program generally targets a wide range of leaders of leaders, some larger organizations may choose to have a separate program specifically for “organizational leaders.” These are leaders of leaders responsible for running organizations with over 100 employees.
At Future Match HRC, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services in line with the above commitments.

Investing in Leader of Leaders: Maximizing Organizational Success

Why should organizations invest in Leader of Leaders? Here are four compelling reasons:

Overcome neglect: Invest in leaders of leaders to address the neglect of this critical role in organizations.
Improve execution: Developing leaders of leaders enhances strategic execution and performance.
Build a strong pipeline: Investing in this role creates a qualified leadership pipeline for sustained success.
Prevent problems: Support leaders of leaders to prevent issues at the top and improve overall organizational performance.
Investing in developing leaders of leaders is crucial for organizational success. It bridges the gap between leading others and leading leaders, improving execution, building a strong leadership pipeline, and preventing problems at the top. Embracing this investment drives success and cultivates effective leadership throughout the organization.

Program Flow and Key Topics: Empowering Your Leadership Journey

Dynamic 4-days program: Our program can be conducted onsite or offsite, accommodating your preferences and availability.
Hands-on approach: We believe in active learning. Our program emphasizes practical application through interactive exercises and discussions, enabling participants to develop their leadership skills as leader of others effectively.
Customized content: We collaborate with you to tailor the program to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our experienced facilitators work closely with your team to ensure relevance and applicability to your leading leaders.

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