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Hire Performance Series

The “High-Performance Series” workshop by Predictive Index is a comprehensive learning experience designed to enhance team performance and collaboration. The workshop is divided into two modules: “Designing for Strategic Action” and “Discovering Your Team Type.”

Duration of the Workshop: Half Day

The half-day time frame ensures a concentrated and impactful learning experience, allowing participants to acquire valuable knowledge and immediately apply it in their work environment to drive positive change through interactive exercises and discussions. This could be either in-person or virtual.

What You Will Learn

Participants in the “High Performance Series” workshop will learn the following in each module:

Module 1: Designing for Strategic Action

“Designing for Strategic Action” aligns team goals with organizational objectives. Participants learn to create effective action plans, optimize resource utilization, and overcome obstacles to achieve strategic outcomes.


Aligning Goals and Strategies: Learn how to align team goals with organizational objectives, ensuring a clear focus and direction.


Efficient Resource Utilization: Gain insights into maximizing resource utilization to enhance team performance and productivity.


Overcoming Obstacles: Develop strategies to address and overcome obstacles, fostering resilience and progress towards goals.

Module 2: Discovering Your Team Type

“Discovering Your Team Type” focuses on understanding and leveraging team dynamics and strengths. Participants identify behavioral patterns, communication styles, and decision-making preferences to enhance teamwork and overall performance.


Understanding Behavioral Patterns: Gain a deeper understanding of team members’ behavioral styles and communication preferences.


Leveraging Team Strengths: Learn how to leverage individual strengths to create a more productive and synergistic team environment.


Enhancing Team Collaboration: Acquire techniques to foster collaboration, open communication, and a supportive team culture.

Who Leads the Session

The “High Performance Series” workshop is led by experienced facilitators who possess in-depth knowledge of talent management and organizational development. These facilitators are certified experts in The Predictive Index methodology and are skilled at guiding participants through interactive learning experiences.

Who Should Attend

The “High Performance Series” workshop is relevant for team leaders, managers, HR professionals, project managers, team members, and organizational leaders who are committed to enhancing team performance and creating a culture of high performance within their teams and organizations.

Workshop Format

The workshop combines a variety of learning methods to create an engaging and impactful experience. It includes a mix of presentations, group discussions, case studies, interactive exercises, and role-playing activities. This format encourages active participation and fosters an environment of collaboration and shared learning.

Impact of the Workshop

The “High Performance Series” workshop has a significant impact on teams and their performance. Here are the key points highlighting the impact of the workshop:


Aligning team goals with organization objectives ensures focused efforts towards strategic outcomes.


Learning resource utilization techniques optimizes productivity within available resources.


Developing problem-solving skills helps overcome obstacles and maintain progress.


Understanding behavioral patterns and leveraging strengths enhances team dynamics.


Workshop techniques foster collaboration, communication, and a supportive team culture.

There are two ways to attend the workshop

Open Workshop: This option allows participants from various client organizations across the country or globally to attend. It provides an opportunity to engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, fostering rich discussions and sharing of best practices.
Private Workshop: This option offers an exclusive workshop experience specifically tailored for your organization. With a minimum requirement of 5 participants, the workshop can be customized to address the unique talent management needs and challenges of your organization. This format allows for a more focused and targeted learning experience, incorporating real-life scenarios and examples relevant to your specific business context.

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