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Leadership Performance (LP) Index Survey

Impact of LP Index Survey

360 Degree Leadership Assessment

The LP Index survey is an online 360-degree feedback system that gathers input from a leader’s manager, peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders. It is specifically tailored to the Leadership Pipeline concept, allowing organizations to evaluate leaders based on practical job requirements rather than generic leadership competencies.
Unlike other similar tools, which treat leadership as a uniform concept without recognizing the distinct value added by each leadership level, the LP Index survey acknowledges the importance of differentiation. This crucial distinction addresses the challenges faced by organisations in building a robust internal leadership pipeline.

Multiple Applications of the LP Index Survey:

Employed for leadership assessments in talent selection and promotion determinations.
Supporting individual development through evidence-based coaching conversations.
Conducting comprehensive organizational leadership performance surveys and subsequent analyses.
Enhancing the impact of Leadership Pipeline Transition Programs by providing valuable insights.

Conducting leadership assessments for talent selection and promotion.


The LP Index survey is a highly global multi-source/360-degree survey, offering the ability to evaluate leaders across various levels in over 15 languages, making it one of the most internationally accessible surveys available.

Research Basis

The market is flooded with several 360-degree instruments. Most 360-degree technologies operate under the premise that leadership is just leadership. However, as the book Leadership Pipeline demonstrates, it is precisely this supposition that undermines an organization’s desire to create an internal leadership pipeline.

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