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Digitalized Learning

We have extensive experience in digital learning, including facilitated online training, microlearning, and web apps for continuous learning. Our expertise enables us to design a blended learning journey that engages leaders and specialists at their own pace and convenience. By utilizing digital tools and technologies, we create a dynamic learning environment that maximizes the impact of the program. Our approach combines interactive online sessions, bite-sized modules, and custom web applications to cater to different learning styles and provide flexibility in accessing the materials. Through digitalization, we empower learners to enhance their skills and knowledge effectively.

One Point of Entry to Your Tailored Learning Journey

Our tailored learning journey offers a diverse range of learning elements, including classroom training, facilitated online sessions, e-learning, peer group assignments, accountability partners, group coaching, social learning, micro learning, and motivational VLOGs. These components are seamlessly integrated through our mobile learning platform, “LPI WebApp.” The WebApp also includes a personalized version for direct managers, enabling their active engagement and support in enhancing the learning impact of the program.

LPI Web App provides comprehensive support to program participants, ensuring a seamless learning journey and facilitating the immediate application of new work values, time application and skills. What sets our platform apart is its ability to involve the participant’s direct manager throughout the entire learning process. This unique feature ensures the manager’s full engagement, which is a crucial factor in effectively integrating the acquired knowledge and skills from training programs. By actively involving managers, we enhance the embedding of learning outcomes into daily work practices, leading to greater success and impact for the learners

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