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Empower Your Hiring Process Mastering the Hiring Puzzle: From Chaos to Clarity

Attract top talent and optimize your hiring process with PI Hire. From attracting the right candidates to making informed decisions, our solution enhances the entire candidate experience. Streamline your hiring, make the best choices for every role, and elevate your recruitment efforts with PI Hire.


Attracting & retaining the right talent for the long term.


Aligning Stakeholders’ Views on Crucial Behavioral Qualities for Role Achievement


Enhancing employee branding and elevating candidate journey.

Srategic Hiring: Hire the best fit faster and retain top talent effectively

Smart Hiring Made Easy: Streamline with Data-Driven Behavioral Assessments

By evaluating candidates’ behavioral drives and aligning them with the role’s requirements, you can effectively identify top candidates who naturally embody the necessary qualities. This predictive approach enables you to anticipate long-term success and retention within the position.

Discovering the Right Match: Automated Ranking of Ideal Candidates

Elevate your hiring process with PI Hire’s comprehensive tools and Insights empowering you to predict the right match for the role backed with 67 years of science.

Sustainable, Scalable & Economical

Gain unlimited access to assessments, jobs and powerful insights. Invest once, use everywhere from hiring, onboarding, talent retention, Succession Planning, promotion or rotation. Hire objectively and confidently.

Informed Hiring Decision: Creating a Streamlined Interview Process

Leveraging extensive behavioral insights, the Interview Builder empowers hiring teams to discover behavioral targeted questions, focusing on critical areas and exploring potential misalignment, revolutionizing the interviewing process.

Beyond Expectations: Unlocking the Power of a Memorable Candidate Experience

Harnessing behavioral data empowers your team, streamlining the hiring process and fostering alignment with stakeholders. With clear insights into role requirements, you’ll create an exceptional candidate experience that garners rave reviews.

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