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High Impact Learning

Achieve ROI on Your Training Investment

We firmly believe that investing in learning should result in improved performance, driving tangible benefits for individuals and organizations alike. Our approach encompasses a blended pre- and post-program process that ensures a seamless transfer of learning into practical application and performance. We understand the importance of aligning learning outcomes with business objectives to maximize the impact of our programs. In today’s hypercompetitive global business climate, organizations cannot afford to waste resources, particularly their human capital. That’s why every investment, including learning initiatives, should be evaluated based on its contribution to the overall mission and success of the organization. To deliver measurable results, we integrate LPI’s High Impact Learning approach. This framework establishes a strong connection between learning outcomes and business impact.

We prioritize safeguarding your investment: Measuring the ROI of Leadership Development

When it comes to leadership development, it is crucial to ensure tangible results from your investments. At LPI, we are committed to protecting your investment by firmly believing in the importance of measuring the impact of strategic development initiatives. Measuring the impact of training is deeply ingrained in our approach, guaranteeing the utmost quality and validity in our measurement methods.

Immediate Feedback on the Impact and Development Areas

Impact Measurement

We systematically measure changes in participants’ knowledge, attitude, and behavior. We assess these factors before, immediately after, and three months post-training to measure impact and learning transfer. This unique value proposition based on High Impact Learning principles allows for learning before and after training, as well as on-the-job application. We provide tailored impact reports for three key groups: participants, facilitators, and the organization.
For participants, individual report is provided once they have completed the pre-, post-, and job tests.
Facilitators receive comprehensive reports that aggregate the data from the cohort of participants’ pre-, post-, and job tests.
The Organization’s Learning and Development or Project Manager receive consolidated reports that encompass all participants’ pre-, post-, and job tests.
This approach ensures a streamlined, transparent, and cost-effective process for measuring impact, maintaining quality control, and enhancing program effectiveness. Rest assured, all LPI solutions adhere to GDPR regulations.

Maximizing Career Development: The 70-20-10 Model High Learning Impact

The 70-20-10 Model highlights the ideal sources of learning for successful managers. By emphasizing job experience as the primary driver of growth, leveraging learning from people, and supplementing with focused training and reading, managers can cultivate a well-rounded skill set and thrive in their careers.

1. Job Experience (70%): Learning through hands-on experience.

2. Learning from People (20%): Gaining insights from mentors and managers.

3. Courses and Reading (10%): Supplementing learning with structured programs.

Measurable Effect Areas:

  • Intensity of Engagement.
  • Scores in Leadership Perception surveys across short – and long – term
  • Sustainable modification of knowledge and Behaviour
  • Rate of Internal Fill
  • Improved Number of Competent Internal Candidates for Each Open Leadership Position
  • Talent Pool success Rate
  • Proportion of Smart Goals
  • Succession Plan success Rate
  • Consumer Contentment
  • Knowledge Retention

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