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Exceptional teams possess a touch of magic, where the perfect blend of roles and personalities harmonize seamlessly. Together, they transcend individual capabilities, forging a collective that exceeds the sum of its parts. As a result, their performance reaches new heights, soaring above expectations. Fortunately, a scientific approach now exists to intentionally craft such high-performing teams, offering a predictable method that ensures their success.

1. Behavioral Assessment

The Behavioral Assessment is a free-choice questionnaire that measures an individual’s drives, needs, and motivators.

2. Cognitive Assessment

The Cognitive Assessment is a timed test that measures an individual’s cognitive abilities, including verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.

Transforming Business Challenges with Ease

Experience a seamless business management solution that simplifies the most challenging aspects of your operations. Our innovative software streamlines complex processes, empowering you to focus on what matters most—growing your business. Discover how our cutting-edge technology effortlessly tackles intricate tasks, making your day-to-day operations smoother and more efficient. With our intuitive platform, you can effortlessly handle critical business functions, enabling you to achieve success with ease. Say goodbye to the complexities and embrace a solution that truly simplifies the way you do business.

Hire Solution

Assessing candidates for both behavioral and cognitive job fit is crucial when making a new hire. The dynamics of a team can be significantly impacted by the addition of a new member, either positively or negatively. It's essential for companies to move beyond the approach of simply hoping for the best and instead utilize tools like PI Hire to easily identify the candidates who are the right fit for their team.

Inspire Solution

Unlock the secret to effective management by truly understanding your team members. Don't fall into the trap of treating everyone the same way. Recognize their unique needs and preferences. Bridge the gap between managers and employees, fostering open communication and addressing frustrations. Empower your high performers to thrive, ensuring their drive remains intact. Experience the transformative power of PI Inspire, where individualized interactions fuel problem-solving and propel performance to new heights.

Design Solution

Crafting the ideal team for a software start-up versus a hospital requires distinct considerations. Neglecting to align behavioral styles with strategic objectives can lead to significant challenges. Rather than relying on intuition, leverage data-driven insights to foster team cohesion and productivity. Discover a definitive solution with PI Design, eliminating any uncertainties regarding team dynamics and achieving successful outcomes.

Diagnose Solution

Ensuring a cohesive team and fostering a positive organizational culture are vital for avoiding tension and discontent. Even if you're excelling in other areas, a single bad hire or an unexpected crisis can significantly impact engagement levels. It's crucial to proactively address emerging issues and amplify successful practices. With PI Diagnose, you have the power to actively manage engagement, pinpoint and rectify budding problems, and capitalize on what's already working. Take control of your team's engagement with PI Diagnose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Predictive Index (PI)?

The Predictive Index is a behavioral assessment tool designed to help organizations identify the natural behavioral drives and needs of their employees, job candidates, and teams. The PI assessment measures four key behavioral drives: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality.

How is the PI assessment administrated?

Those who take the PI Behavioral Assessment are presented with two questions, each pertaining to a single shared list of adjectives.
The PI assessment is typically administered online and consists of two questions, each pertaining to a single list of adjectives. The first question asks assessment takers to select adjectives that describe the way in which they’re expected to behave at work. The second question, by contrast, asks them to select the adjectives they’d actually use to describe themselves. The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and results in a behavioral pattern report that describes an individual’s natural behavioral tendencies and work style.

What are the benefits of using the PI assessment in the workplace?

The PI assessment can be used for a variety of purposes, including recruitment and selection, team building, leadership development, and performance management. The assessment can help organizations identify the behavioral drives and needs of their employees, which can be used to improve communication, increase employee engagement, and enhance overall job performance.

Is the PI assessment accurate and reliable?

The PI assessment has been validated through extensive research and has been found to be both reliable and valid. The assessment has been used by thousands of organizations around the world and has a high degree of predictive validity in terms of job performance.

How can I use the results of the PI assessment to improve my performance at work?

The PI assessment can provide individuals with valuable insights into their natural behavioral tendencies and work style. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, individuals can identify areas for development and create strategies to improve their job performance. Additionally, individuals can use the information from the assessment to improve their communication and collaboration with their colleagues and managers.

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