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Specialist Development Program

Build your specialist pipeline

Welcome to the Specialist Development Program, designed to enhance and nurture the skills and expertise of your organization’s specialists. We understand the critical role specialists play in driving success and innovation within your company. This program aims to provide you with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to further develop your specialists professional abilities, broaden their knowledge base, and create the right career path for them, bringing their knowledge and expertise into play across the organization.

The Specialist Pipeline Framework

The Specialist Pipeline concept presents a proven approach for creating a sustainable framework to support specialist performance and growth. It offers a road-tested solution for designing a robust architecture that promotes ongoing development and excellence in specialized fields

Our Specialist Development Program

Knowledge Expert

In this program we explore the typical transition issues faced by Knowledge Experts and how to overcome them:

  • Time and task management challenges
  • Difficulty in connecting work to business outcomes
  • Lack of interest in training colleagues in their expertise
  • Not recognized as a specialist by immediate peers
  • Lack of proactivity in improving tools and processes

Knowledge Leader

In this program we explore the typical transition issues faced by Knowledge Leaders and how to overcome them:

  • Customer-centric design gaps
  • Lack of proactive stakeholder engagement
  • Challenges in integrating expertise into the value chain
  • Limited recognition as a leading capacity across the organization
  • Inadequate contribution to and leadership in the development of expertise

Knowledge Principal

In this program we explore the typical transition issues faced by Knowledge Leaders and how to overcome them:

  • Short-term focus
  • Challenges in building competitive advantage
  • Difficulty mobilizing people for new solutions
  • Lack of strategic mindset in responsibilities
  • Discomfort with assuming organizational targets

Impact in Implementing the Specialist Pipeline principle:

  • Core specialist role mapping: The Specialist Pipeline Principle maps essential specialist roles within our organization, ensuring clarity and alignment in job responsibilities.
  • Critical transitions: The Specialist Pipeline Principle identifies key transitions specialists encounter when moving between roles, encompassing work values, time allocation, and required skills.
  • Performance standards: The Specialist Pipeline Principle establishes performance expectations for each specialist role, enabling consistent and high-quality performance across the organization.
  • Employee engagement and retention: The Specialist Pipeline Principle enhances employee satisfaction, engagement, and long-term retention by providing clear paths for development, promotion and future growth.

Roadmap and Guidelines for Expertise.

Transitioning from one role to another necessitates acquiring new knowledge and adopting new behaviors. Development is a cumulative process: successful progression through one transition increases the likelihood of success in the next. Conversely, incomplete development or skipping a transition can impede success in subsequent stages. Each transition denotes a significant shift in job requirements. Consequently, evaluating someone solely as a specialist is inadequate; instead, one should consider their aptitude as a knowledge leader, knowledge expert, and other relevant roles.

Collaborating with Organizations: Our Approach

We adapt to your organization’s needs and prioritize the most crucial areas to implement the Specialist Pipeline principles. Our role entails mapping core specialist roles, establishing performance standards, defining work values and skills, and creating specialist transition programs. The level of our involvement may differ based on the specific assignment.

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