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PI Team Discovery

A Three-Step Process for Building Successful Teams Exploration of Team Dynamics


Discover your optimal working style and your impact on the team by completing a brief six-minute Behavioral Assessment.

Team Insight

Encourage team members to participate in the assessment and uncover the collective strengths and areas for improvement within your team.

Strategic Awareness

Recognize discrepancies between the team’s capabilities and its objectives. Receive actionable recommendations to bridge the gap and progress towards achievement.

A Solution that Addresses Your Team's Major Challenges

Accomplishing team goals can be challenging, especially when faced with trust issues, communication gaps, and lack of alignment, which further compound the obstacles.

We are not capitalizing on our key strengths.

Evaluate how your leadership style influences individuals with different personalities within the team, and make necessary adaptations to ensure each team member feels supported for their success.

Lack of effective communication among us.

Discover the distinct behavioral styles of each team member and establish a common language that promotes better understanding and alignment among everyone.

Lack of team accountability.

Develop a personalized action plan outlining specific steps to enhance communication and collaboration among team members.

Lack of team alignment and coordination.

Establish alignment on your team’s strategic goals. Identify areas where your team excels naturally and recognize potential areas that may require additional support.

Difficulty in measuring our achievements.

Design enables quantifiable assessment of teamwork. Receive a cohesion score, enhance awareness, and make strides towards achieving your goals.

A Solution that Addresses Your Team's Major Challenges

The Design allows you to visually assess the alignment between your team’s collective personality and the required tasks. Analyse the compatibility and receive a tailored action plan to ensure your team’s success.
Utilise the simulation provided to explore various Team Types, with the possibility of finding a match for your actual team.